GlaminiŽ, an innovation in bloom.

A completely new flower is born: GlaminiŽ.
This mini-gladiolus is small (<50 cm), so it doesn't break or get blown over. The flower has a rich bloom, with several appearing at the same time. It is also in bloom for a long time. An extended pleasure! Its petite size means the GlaminiŽ has a wealth of applications - in and around the garden, on the patio or in a pot. GlaminiŽ is also at home in your vase.

Of the more than 140 types produced by the Cooperative Plant Breeders Association "For Ever u.a.", the top 12 have been selected, and you now have the privilege of being able to introduce them to your customers.

GlaminiŽ is cultivated by a select team, to guarantee optimal quality. The exclusive rights to the dry sale of this unique creation have been awarded to De Ree Holland BV. This ensures a high and consistent level of T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) throughout.